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The secrets of lighting in event photography

Event photography is a challenging and exciting field at the same time. On the one hand, it is full of opportunities to capture unique and memorable moments. On the other hand, one of the most critical aspects of event photography is undoubtedly lighting. The right light can transform any photograph into a work of [...]


Be the photographer you want to be. Why one-to-one photo coaching is your best ally

If you are a photographer, or you are training to become one, stay and read this article because it will solve many doubts. Above all, what is very likely if you have come this far, if you are thinking about having the help of a photography coach. Why are you interested? Because thanks to [...]


The challenges of event photography and how to overcome them

Event photography is a fascinating and challenging field that combines artistic acuity with technical skill. As event photographers, we are prepared to face a unique set of challenges, from changing lighting to capturing ephemeral moments. And in this article we want to share with you what some of these challenges are, and offer tips [...]


Professional portrait photography in Barcelona

Barcelona is a magical city for many reasons. And one of them is because it is a sensational setting to grow professionally. You may be wondering, what role does professional portrait photography play in this regard? Portraits are not just a capture of a person's appearance; they are a window into their soul, a [...]


The importance of choosing a photographer for corporate events

Choosing a photographer for your corporate event is a crucial step in ensuring the success and lasting memory of the event. Corporate events, whether they are conferences, product launches, annual meetings or gala dinners, are significant moments for a company. And they are opportunities to interact with customers, investors and other key industry professionals. [...]

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