If you are a photographer, or you are training to become one, stay and read this article because it will solve many doubts. Above all, what is very likely if you have come this far, if you are thinking about having the help of a photography coach. Why are you interested? Because thanks to a photography course designed 100% for you, you are going to know how to bring out the best photographer in you.

Find out why.

What is photo coaching?

The first thing you need to know is what photo coaching is all about.

A specialised coach provides detailed feedback, helps identify areas for improvement and designs personalised action plans to achieve specific goals. And thanks to this, it allows for deep and meaningful learning, adapted to the needs and pace of each photographer.

No matter your level, you can always learn more and more. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or senior professional photographer. Or maybe you don’t do it for a living, but you are passionate about photography and want to improve your photography. In any of these cases, photo coaching will enrich you on many levels.

Every photographer has the need, at some point, to know new horizons and share their concerns. To improve and learn new techniques and tools with which to achieve stunning photographs. Photographs that move and tell a story. And in the case of our photographic coaching, which we design for each person to adapt to the photographer and their needs, it serves precisely to achieve that.

coaching fotográfico individual

And how do we achieve this at Barcelona Photographer? The key is to focus on studio and location work and lighting, how to communicate with the model, how to design the workflow, and of course, how to handle the photographic equipment.

In our case, it is our founder and international photographer with more than 15 years of teaching experience, Katherin Wermke, who gives these photo coaching sessions. She is an expert in studio lighting for portraiture and fashion, and teaches the Master of Photography and Design at ELISAVA. And she will be your best ally.

coaching fotográfico individual

Katherin Wermke

What does it consist of?

We are going to tell you what it consists of, but always keep in mind that we are talking about our photographic coaching. Not all coaching for photographers is the same.

At Barcelona Photographer we offer you two options, a 4-hour pack and an 8-hour pack. Both designed and directed by Katherin Wermke, with tailor-made content. Would you like to find out more about Katherin Wermke and her work? Follow this link. And here are our Instagram profiles for you to have a look @katherinwermke and @barcelonaphotographerstudio, and the one of our teaching classroom in Barcelona Photgrapher @photoutopiabcn.

Contents of our photography coaching course in Barcelona

We combine technical and practical content, with these topics to choose from, none of which are mutually exclusive:

  • General photography
  • Travel photography
  • Studio portrait lighting (beginners and advanced)
  • Outdoor portrait lighting (beginners and advanced)
  • Post-production with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Personal branding for photographers

We adapt all this content to your needs. And we adapt to your pace at all times so that you enjoy the learning process, and that after the course you feel more confident and secure when handling your photographic equipment. In addition to knowing how to transfer from your mind to reality, the lighting schemes, the photographic shots and all the ideas that your creativity will give you.

coaching fotográfico individual

What will you know after your personalised photo coaching sessions?

  • Using camera controls in a natural way
  • Shooting in manual mode; thorough understanding of exposure, aperture, shutter and ISO
  • Photographing quickly and efficiently
  • Obtain interesting and impactful images
  • Working in the specific language of different photographic genres: street photography, architectural, travel, portrait, etc.
  • Working with different lighting schemes and light metering systems
  • Capture movement and freeze images (fast or long exposure)
  • Develop a photographic language and style through an individual project
coaching fotográfico individual

As you can see, this is a very complete personalised training, unique for you and with which you will become the photographer you want to be.

Do you want more information? Request a meeting with our team to find out more about our photo coaching in Barcelona.

An enriching and transforming experience awaits you!