Event photography is a challenging and exciting field at the same time. On the one hand, it is full of opportunities to capture unique and memorable moments. On the other hand, one of the most critical aspects of event photography is undoubtedly lighting.

The right light can transform any photograph into a work of art, highlighting details, creating atmosphere and defining the quality of the image.

How good lighting can transform your corporate event photos?

In the context of corporate events, lighting plays a crucial role.

Good lighting control not only improves the aesthetic quality of the photos, but also influences the way the event is perceived. For example, soft and warm lighting can create a cosy atmosphere, while more intense and direct lighting can create an atmosphere of dynamism and energy.

iluminación en la fotografía de eventos

Well-planned lighting helps to capture the essence of the event, highlighting important focal points such as speakers, presentations and interaction between attendees. It also allows you to control technical aspects such as contrast, colour and texture, which are essential to convey the atmosphere of the event effectively and creatively.

Katherin Wermke and her team at Barcelona Photographer know that each photograph must be unique and unrepeatable. And her control of light, her experience, her creativity and her love of photography are also fundamental parts of her photographic team. It is aspects like these that make the difference in our corporate event photography service in Barcelona.

As Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “To photograph is to place the head, the eye and the heart on the same axis”.

iluminación en la fotografía de eventos

Description of the different types of lighting

Every event is unique. And as such it needs to be planned when it comes to taking photographs. This means that the photographer, photographer or team of photographers covering the event must find out what kind of lighting there will be. This is not always possible, as there are occasions when it is necessary to prepare different lighting solutions so that, once the event is attended, there are several types of artificial lighting to work with. That is to say, the ideal is to bring several types of lenses that allow you to take photographs making the most of the ambient light, and also to bring flashes and different modifiers so that you can choose the most suitable one.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting, provided by the sun, is a favourite among photographers for its ability to generate warm and realistic images. At daytime events, especially those outdoors or in locations with large windows, natural light can be sufficient to capture beautiful images without the need for additional equipment. However, it is important to consider the direction and intensity of natural light, as these can vary significantly throughout the day.

Artificial Lighting

At indoor events or at night, artificial lighting takes centre stage. This includes a wide range of options, from LED lights and spotlights to flashes and spotlights. Artificial lighting offers total control over the intensity and direction of light, allowing the photographer to create different moods and styles. It is essential for indoor corporate events where natural light is limited or non-existent.

iluminación en la fotografía de eventos

Mixed lighting

Events often require a combination of natural and artificial lighting, known as mixed lighting. This can be a challenge, as it involves balancing two types of light with different characteristics. The key is to understand how these lights interact in the space and use them in a way that complements each other, thus achieving a balanced exposure and accurate colour rendering.

Essential lighting equipment for event photography

In order to address the challenges of lighting in event photography in a professional and high quality manner, it is important to have the right equipment. It is best if this technical equipment is as varied as possible in order to have as many options as possible. As well as the photographer’s control of the light, the more experience he or she has in event photography, the better. This will ensure that the photographs are technically correct and also have that magic that will make them unique.

The photographs taken at events can be used for publications in the press, editorial, web pages, social networks, etc. And for this, the light must be taken care of to the maximum. Here are some essential elements:

External flash

An external flash is more powerful than the camera’s built-in flash and offers greater control over the direction and intensity of light. It is ideal for illuminating subjects in dark environments or for filling in shadows in daylight conditions.

Diffusers and reflectors

These accessories are essential for softening the light from the flash and reducing harsh shadows. Reflectors are also useful for directing natural or artificial light to specific areas.

Continuous LED lights

LED lights provide a continuous light source that is ideal for previewing how the final lighting will look in the photo. They are especially useful in event photography where lighting conditions are constantly changing.

Tripods and light stands

These elements ensure the stability of the lighting equipment and allow the lights to be positioned at specific angles for best results.

Light modifiers

They include softboxes, umbrellas and snoots, which help to modify the quality and direction of light, allowing the photographer to experiment with different lighting effects.

iluminación en la fotografía de eventos

As you can see, lighting is a determining factor in event photography. With the right equipment, both technical and human, you can create stunning and memorable images that capture the essence of each corporate event.

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iluminación en la fotografía de eventos