We can’t think of a better way to welcome you to our photography blog than by telling you about the Mobile World Congress.

Today we want to tell you about this global event, and also about our role in it.

Mobile World Congress 2024

Working as a photographer at the Mobile World Congress is a challenge, especially when working with several clients at the same time under time pressure.

However, the satisfaction we feel after the work we have done motivates us to give our best. During the event we capture the most relevant and exciting moments. And with our photographs we leave an indelible memory of the revolution that the MWC represents every year for the technology sector.

Undoubtedly, one of the jobs that have taught us the most as event photographers. Our experience in this area of photography is due, among other events, to the MWC, which we have been attending for 17 years.

And throughout these years, we have learned where and when the best moments occur, so that we don’t leave a single one unphotographed.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona

As an event photographer, and specifically for the MWC, you have to bear the following in mind:

  • You have to be very flexible and know how to deal with last-minute unforeseen events.
  • Be able to work in an organised way with very tight schedules.
  • Know how to manage very long working hours, especially when working for clients who ask for photography and video of the interior design of their empty stands, to be taken before or after the opening hours of the congress.
  • Language skills are very important when working with international clients. A fluent conversation in English is highly valued.
  • Working as a team: indeed, a single professional cannot attend to the needs of several clients at the same time, therefore, it is necessary to have a second or third photographer/videographer/editor to be able to guarantee a workflow that pleases both the supplier and the client.

If you are attending MWC as a photographer this year, and follow these tips, you will have an optimal workflow.

Mobile World Congress dates

This year, from 26-29 February, Barcelona once again opens its doors to the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event.

And that means 4 days of hard work ahead of us. We’re proud of it, because we’ve been covering the MWC with our team of photographers since its inception in 2006. We have worked for clients such as Lenovo, Dolby, Yahoo, Samsung, Cisco, and every year, we cover a dozen international clients at a time.

What is the purpose of the Mobile World Congress?

The MWC aims to bring together technology, mobile phone and entertainment enthusiasts in each of its editions. It is a space for innovation in mobile technology on an international level, above all. But it is also an opportunity to exchange knowledge, to discover new developments and technological advances, to meet professionals, to learn from the speakers, and to gain experience.

How many people attend Mobile World Congress 2024?

Around 80,000 people will attend the Mobile World Congress 2024. A figure that is growing every year, and we are not surprised because it is an event that, if you like technology, you can’t miss.

What is the theme of the Mobile World Congress 2024?

If you go to the Mobile World Congress, what you will discover are the latest developments in the communications sector. Mobile technology in all its splendour.

And what’s more, during the event you can attend interesting talks by specialists in this field.

In which country is the Mobile World Congress 2024 held?

It is being held in Spain, in Barcelona to be more precise. This emblematic city will host this event at the end of February, which will be attended by people from all over the world.

Will you be one of them? Our team of photographers will be there, once again this year, photographing the key moments of the event.