Katherin Wermke y Jesús Manuel Montane en Barcelona Photographer Studio

We’re leaded by Katherin Wermke
and Jesús Manuel Montané:
two photo, video and film
professionals. Talented and




We’re a team of professionals with an experience of more than 25 years in telling moving stories, in different languages and formats.
We hail from many countries. We talk Spanish, Catalan, English, German and Chinese; and this way, the communication with photographers and filmmakers from all around the world is easier and more direct. We know their needs, we know their cultural background.
We’re leaded by Katherin Wermke and Jesús Manuel Montané: two photo, video and film professionals with a proven track record of international success. We maintain the ethic of a close family: all members of the team share the same work methods and understand the relation with the client the same responsible way.


Katherin Wermke is a photographer that works internationally, with a career spanning 15 years. Commercial, corporate and portrait photography are among her areas of expertise.
She’s the founder and director of the company Barcelona Photographer SLU.
Mrs Wermke studied at the IEFC in Spain and finished her career at New York’s School of Visual Arts and at the International Center of Photography.
Some of her clients are Dolby Laboratories, Lenovo, Yahoo, BASF, CISCO Systems, Generalitat de Catalunya, Nestlé, Deutsche Bank, Cocunat, Airplan, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Dubai Business Events and the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority; and her work has been published in magazines and newspapers (Wall Street Journal Europe, Woman Figaro).
Among her teaching activities, she does the portrait and specialization in photography production workshops at the IEFC; and at Elisava (Escuela Universitaria de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona), the advanced lighting module of the photography and design master.
She’s also developing an artistic career around travel and street photography that focus on poverty and women rights. Also, her work with the NGO Street Heroes…

… of India is pivotal in a personal art-therapy project based in the portrait of kids and teenagers than have been excluded from society.
On the other hand, she’s been a lecturer for the International Media Forum of Young Journalist Leaders of Russia, CIS, the EU and Asia in Saint Peterburg’s State Hermitage Museum (Russia), when she also presented her documentary photos taken in Southern India, Dubai, Barcelona and New York.
Mrs Wermke is an active member of the Asociación de Fotógrafos Profesionales de España (AFP, Spanish Association of Professional Photographers) and of the NGO Shoot4Change.
She’s currently starting to work as a DOP for film and video. More information www.katherinwermke.com


Jesús Manuel Montané is a filmmaker, and a creative and director of commercials. He also teaches and lectures.
The beginnings of his professional career were related to computer animation, videogames and new technologies in two ways: leading projects from both a creative and technical side (for Wall Street Institute, Grupo CEAC, Costaisa and 3i Multimedia; among others) and as a reporter (in newspapers, magazines, radio and television; nationally and internationally).
In 1988, after a decade doing these activities, he starts developing projects that mix real and synthetic images, photography and video. That very same year, his short film “2.0” premieres at the Official Section of the Málaga Spanish Film Festival and directs the animation team of “Los girasoles”, winner of the Best Short Animated Film in the Goya Awards.
From then on, Mr Montané creates commercial campaigns that he also directs (for the likes of Nissan and Panasonic), and in 2008, after several years, he finishes the production of an animated movie for television, “Godspeed: One: Secret Legacy”, which he writes and directs. It was co-produced by Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) and premiered at the MIPCOM in Cannes.

… In 2009 he shoots “Ushima-Next”, a feature length-movie that mixes real images with sophisticated special effects that took two years to complete. The film, premiered at the Official Section “Noves Visions” (New Visions) of the 2011 Sitges International Fantastic Film and co-directed by actor Joan Frank Charansonnet, was inspired by the “Panic” artistic movement created in the late 50s by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Roland Topor and Fernando Arrabal (who has a role as an actor in the movie).
That year, 2011, he also writes and directs a series about digital photography titled “PHOTOPRO”, comprised of 24 episodes of 30 minutes and distributed in Spain and Latin America, and produces the successful stage show “La cerimònia de la llum” (“The Ceremony of Light”).
At the same time and to this day, Mr Montané keeps creating and directing advertising campaigns for the likes of Laboratorios Salvat, I Like Free Wifi (of the Telefónica group), French multinational company Urgo, BASF, Dolby Laboratories and Airplan, among many others.